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News Monday, 03 April 2023

The 13th Salon Culinaire 2023 has officially opened its registration

The 13th Salon Cuiinaire 2023, the biggest cooking competition of the year, has officially opened its registration. Culinary enthusiasts from all over the nation are eagerly waiting to showcase their culinary skills and creativity in front of a panel of renowned chefs. This year's competition promises to be even bigger and better than before, with new challenges and categories that will put the contestants' culinary prowess to the test. From traditional dishes to innovative and fusion cuisine, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their unique styles and flavors.

The competition provides an excellent platform for aspiring chefs and home cooks to showcase their talent and gain recognition in the culinary world. The winners will not only receive a medal and a prestigious title but will also gain invaluable experience and exposure to the industry. With the excitement building up, it's time to gear up and register for The 13th Salon Cuiinaire 2023, the ultimate test of culinary creativity and skills.

Download the rulebook for the registration