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Article Saturday, 24 February 2024

ACP in Worldchefs

The Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP) Indonesia proudly stands as the official representative to Worldchefs, the largest and most respected global community of chefs.

This affiliation also signifies that within each country, only one association, in this case, ACP Indonesia, can serve as the official representative to Worldchefs. This exclusive representation strengthens global culinary collaboration, fostering international connections and promoting the exchange of culinary expertise on a national and global scale.

By being the sole representative in the country, ACP Indonesia has the privilege of connecting Indonesian chefs with their counterparts from around the world, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation in the culinary industry.

his partnership opens doors for Indonesian chefs to participate in international events, competitions, and educational programs, allowing them to showcase their skills on a global stage and learn from the best in the industry.